Professors Lead Multimedia Collaboration in Thailand


[October 6, 2011] Providence, R.I.–Providence College’s Dr.Sang Woo Kang, assistant professor of music, and Eric Sung, assistant professor of photography, recently journeyed to Thailand to perform a collaborative research project on visual imaging and classical music performance.

Kang and Sung received partial funding for their collaboration from the College’s Committee on Aid to Faculty Research. Their project goal was to integrate different art forms through collaborative research by combining visual images with live classical music.

Coming from a musical background, Kang was interested in new ways to engage the audience through different art genres. Coincidentally, Sung previously had collaborated with other music groups, such as George Crumb’s Black Angels and live string groups, by combining visual art with live performances.

“We wanted to explore how visual art and audio can come together to create something unique and innovative,” said Kang. “In addition, we wanted to educate others on how visual and audio can be melded into something engaging and exciting.”

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Renowned Music Professor Balances Teaching and Performance


[May 24, 2010] Providence, R.I.– For Dr. Sang Woo Kang, assistant professor of music at Providence College, playing piano has been a lifelong passion.

Kang, who is currently balancing a busy performance schedule with his teaching duties, recalls first being exposed to the piano as a child in Seoul, South Korea.

“From the moment I heard the sound of the piano, I was captivated,” he said. “When I was five, I was taken to visit the local music school, which had a grand piano. I would sit in a trance making sounds from the minute I entered until we left.”

Shortly afterward, his parents purchased a piano, and Kang said that “since that moment, the instrument has never been out of reach.”

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