Student Engagement

In the summer of 2011, Dr. Kang will begin a project to challenge the undergraduate students in his piano program at Providence College. This project, funded by the Davis Grant for the promotion of student engagement, seeks to serve the community by offering free group piano lessons and classes in music theory/piano literature over the course of four weeks. The candidates, ages 6-10, have no previous experience in music, and come from low-income families in neighborhoods around Providence College. Students will be active participants in making concepts understandable to these children, enhancing their knowledge of teaching techniques as well as thinking about their own roles as classical musicians in society.


Experiencing Piano is a community project aimed toward elementary school children who have had little to no previous experience in piano. This four week program involves weekly meetings for group piano classes, including education in music theory and piano repertoire. The group classes will be held on Saturdays 12-1 PM at Providence College.

In addition to the group piano classes, weekly private piano lessons, a half hour each, can be scheduled at your convenience. Our upperclassmen music majors from our Department of Music will work closely with each student to ensure that they are on track. Short weekly performances will be held to demonstrate progress as well as to accustom the students to playing in front of their peers, building confidence as they gain pride in their accomplishments.

During their time here, the students will improve musicality by studying note-reading, rhythm reading, and technical development for the piano while encouraged to think creatively about the music they are making. Music theory, music history, and ensemble playing will be taught in an age-specific format. Short weekly homework assignments will be given to track students’ progress.

Ultimately, we hope to inspire a life-long interest in music-making among our pupils, and we hope that they will value this experience for years to come.

Times and dates TBA!

Please contact Sang Woo Kang here if interested in participating.

*This program will be offered completely free of charge.

More details upcoming!